Sydney Airport Planespotting Trip

Hey all, just today, I took a trip with my dad to Sydney Airport (YSSY). We went to Tempe to get photos of the takeoffs and then Shep’s Mound.
I’ll stop talking, enjoy the photos!


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No.7 from top is the L.A. Lakers’ boss’ private pllane!

I think that these pictures are great! You might have benefited from moving back a bit to see the departing plates from a better angel, but otherwise, they’re pretty good!

Nice you got the Gulfstream!

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Ok thanks for the tips. All of these photos were taken from my Galaxy a8

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Ahhh, The Sheps Mound!

Classic spotting location (:

Beaut shots, loving the Air NZ triple 7!

Heres another one i got today


That’s pretty good for a cell phone

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More angles of the 777


You guys have full permission to download and keep these photos. You can also share them with others!

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Now those are some great photos! Love that vintage Qantas 737, reminds me of the 707’s they used to operate. And photo #5 looks like wallpaper quality. Great job on getting those photos!

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Thanks! Is there a planespotting competition i could enter, or a showcase?

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I don’t think there’s a competition open right now, but there was one, so there might be one in the future.

Gotta love the Retro livery!

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Hey, is it okay if i can have a new topic with all of my photos?

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