SYD-PQQ Q-Link Q-400 Trip Report

This time, I’m doing a trip report of my flight from Sydney to Port Macquarie onboard a Qantas Link Dash-8-400. This is part of my trip that I recently came back from. I made a trip report of my first flight a day ago.

My flight left just after 3pm. The flight number was QF2164. This was my plane.

This was actually my first time on a Q400. I thought that this was going to be pretty uncomfortable like my previous flight with Rex. We actually boarded from a gate (which surprised me) but still via the stairs. It would be quite funny to board a turboprop on a jetbridge😂

One of the many Qantas A380s I saw on this trip

I didn’t take pictures of the legroom or the service but trust me, it was way better than Rex’s Saabs. There was probably almost 10cm between my knees and the seat in front. The service was also great for a 45min flight. We had quite a few drink choices. I chose orange juice. They also gave us this veggie/biscuit tray with dip, which was great! But this enjoyment was cut short as we were already approaching the airport through thick clouds.

We did a go-around right after we put out gear down. I think it was runway change. We ended up coming in from the north. We broke through the clouds right after the gear came back up and we flew over the town and onto the sea, which gave me great views of the area!

The other end didn’t have clouds on the approach, which was nice! This pic was taken from a video.

It was raining outside so the only thing I had in mind was to get inside and I didn’t take of a pic of the plane. Welcome to sunny Port Macquarie where the weather is always beautiful!
The flight was great! I really enjoyed it! I would definitely travel on their Dash-8s again!

Sorry for the amount of text!😅
Thanks for reading!


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