SYD-DXB takes 1,5 longer than in real world?

I was flying from Sydney to Dubai with an A380 at Mach .84 and the flight took over 15 hrs. According to Flightradar24, this flight takes 13h50 minutes. Normally, due to a more direct routing, I am always faster than real world plus Mach .84 is rather fast.

Any opinions? Is the map of the Pacific Ocea. drawn too large?


Flights can be longer than expected due to a majority of factors. What I’m thinking happened in your case was that you had bad winds. I don’t know though, just a possibility.

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I recommend you use Simbrief as it will show you the “best” route to travel from Point A to Point B. The most direct route is often not the fastest route…


Chances are the real flight is step-climbing and adjusting their speed along the way. They may not be flying .84 the whole time.


check out the winds at diferent altitudes to gain Ground speed before loading your FPL. is good one to see the from 0 to FL450.

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Adding to what the others said:
The A380 cruises at M0.85 in real life. In IF, if you set the speed to M0.84, you will be cruising at M0.83. The reason is the super old flightmodel that the A380 has. You will need to set the A/P to M0.86 if you want it to cruise at M0.85.

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Flew the opposite route over the weekend, took me 12:58, which was two mins slower than simbrief told me it would.

Thanks guys for your answers! I did have headwinds between 50 and 140 mph; that is correct. I will check the routing better next time.

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I always arrive early than sim brief unless there is a delay

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