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Hey IFC! I was wondering if in the real world at TNCM if they actually use the departure and arrival procedures. I checked Flightaware to check but I know Flightaware isn’t the best with routes outside of the USA. I plan to fly from ATL or MIA and back to either MIA or ATL. Thanks!

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There are 5 departure procedures and 1 arrival procedures

I know that. Do planes irl flying between the USA and SXM actually use those, and if they do which one?

Use simbrief. They most likely do and it’s from the direction they are coming from/going to

Simbrief gives me a few answers lol.

This is from flight aware

Yeah I wanted to check to see if they use the procedures irl because I know Flightaware isn’t that accurate outside the USA.

It’s still accurate.

The routes that you cannot find is from an International destination to US or if the flight doesn’t start or end in the USA

Ok thanks for the help!

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