SXF and BER will it have two ground frequencies?

I have it on good authority SXF will not be closed. So when they close that runway will they have 2 ground frequencies?

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SXF isn’t owned by the German government though. Whereas I believe BER is. Totally different people running them.

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It’s Schönefeld to my knowledge.

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I think it will be one Airport.
(Photo from Wikipedia)

Planes have already took off on the new southern RWY 07R/25L.


XD perhaps… i hope its not i love SXF as a separate entity :p

SXF is extremly crowded. Too small.

But they want to keep it open because our masterpiece of german engineering is already to small… 😅

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thats true! I wish they were keeping TXL open

Could you please change it?

Definitly better than moving some flights to Leipzig-Halle. It is too far from Berlin and I dont think it could handle more flights. This would only work for cargo planes. But TXL is not the newest airport and needs some investments from Berlin and FBB.

was Leipzig actually on the table as an option?

Yes, some politicans from saxonia said this. And Deutsche Bahn has stopped Intercity-Service from and to Leipzig-Halle… I like Leipzig, but it was renewed for the size of Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt. But not for Berlin. Wont work

Its german.

its alright I’m half german :p

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