SWV Internal Event Pics

Hey There IFC! These are some pictures from the SWV Internal Event Last Week when I got my amazing escort to San Jose from Ontario! Hope y’all enjoy!

Route: Ontario to San Jose
Date: 10.19.2019
Server: Expert

Here is a picture of us lined up ready for take off! Thank you to @Luke_Sta for the amazing ATC Services by the way!

Cleared for Take Off, SWVA01!

@VegasAviation Lifting Off!

SWVA01, Contact Departure, See ya!

@BigBert10 Rotating out of Ontario!

Illinois One Lifting Off!

Boeing 737-800 Canyon Blue on the Climb out!

Last but not least the amazing escort by somebody Unknown on the way to San Jose! Beautiful Job, I had an airshow right next to me!

Let me know which one was your favorite! Feedback would greatly be appreciated.

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Thank you for viewing my thread! See ya later!


Yes, that beautiful escort! XD
But at least we all took him to San Jose! :D

I loved that event!

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I know right! The event was fun

Beautiful pictures!

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Thank you!

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Awesome pics love Southwest 👍🏽😆

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F-14 is an absolute unit 🚫🧢

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