SWV and FDXV Crew Center

I am working on making a VA now that I got tl2 but dont know how to make a proper flight logging thing. So if someone could help me with making a crew center like what swv and fdxv have?

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@Artem_F is your guy :) He does For free crew center for VAs. Just PM him :)

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Too add onto what he was saying, here is their thread!


There is also other options like hosting your own PHPvms, VABase but Artem F does it all for free :}

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That web doesnt work.

Ive seen you on here numerous times today asking for help and advice with setting up a VA.

Do you have any experience in VAs in staff or managerial positions? It feels like you dont have a clue, without meaning to disrespect you. If youre still new to the VA scene, i suggest advancing in some well established airlines before you begin setting up your own. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication just to get one accepted by the VARB and even more to keep it going.


I have had many vas during the iffgva age and am in staff position in a va rn to.


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