“Swooping” across canada!

I finally got the time to fly my favourite addition to IF’s fleet in 23.2, Swoop! The reason i love it so much as it’s a common appearance at my 2nd home airport, Abbotsford intl. so thats where im flying today! I hopped into the 737 and headed my way west to the lower mainland.
Mini mod repellent:
Route: Hamilton (CYHM) - Abbotsford (CYXX)
Cruise: FL380, at M.78
Flight-time: 4:17h

  1. pushing at Hamilton airport, i never got the chance to fly out of CYHM yet, so im very suprised how high quality it is!

  2. Taxiing to runway 30, it was technically closed, but no one was arriving and i already made the flight plan

  3. departing Hamilton!

  4. moving quite a bit further, here is some nice scenery i found over Lake Michigan!

  5. moving even further down the continent, some very flat scenery over Saskatchewan.

  6. not a Canadian airport without a Rockies picture…

  7. while descending into YYX, i flew over the town of hope, it may not seem like it but it has some interesting history! Some long time ago, at hope aerodrome, transport canada tested landing a 737-200 there to see if it could be used as an emergency airstrip. My main worry is how they flew it out of there…

  8. YYX’s landing runway switched on me at the last second to Runway 25, which requires a funny turn around a few small mountains till final

  9. finally touching down in Abbotsford, with a pretty average landing around -140fpm


Nice can’t wait for the video!

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Very nice photos! I have no words 🔥

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