‘Swoop’ - WestJet's New ULCC

Okay, so this has been information for a while, but we havent known much info regarding his new airline. So two new airline, that I can think of, are releasing LLC’s… First Joon, now Swoop!

Originally I thought WestJet was a LLC, but not anymore, or ever… Still unsure regarding that.

As usual, all my info comes from OneMileAtATime, they are the best… This article was made by Ben. A lots happened recently with aviation in this year.



Regarding who’s airline?

Don’t understand your question. This is Swoop, Westjets LLC (Low Cost Carrier).

What’s with the craze of all these airlines creating new ULCC’s? Next thing you know Frontier will create another airline where they charge you to open the window shades and use the bathroom.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to welcome you to New York, but before we can let you off, please make sure you pay the $12 de-planement fee.”


Who is the “he” in this scentence

It’s probably a typo, most likely meant to type ‘this’

Who the heck came up with the livery?😂 Don’t mind ULCCs they always have a knock-down on prices wherever they compete (in most cases)

I feel really bad for this… but still.

Someone’s disruptive on the premier flight for this airline. As the airport security approach, what announcement does the pilot make?

Swoop swoop it’s the sound of the police 👮

If they’re cheap and safe then I like them tbh

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spend the savings on yourself…

what kind of slogan is that?

I think you’re mixing up LCC and LLC 😂

Regardless, this one will be interesting. I can’t wait to see how it works out.

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Swoop - We will swoop you with our planes.

Isn’t Westjet already a low cost carrier?

Never heard of an airline that was limited liability company. :P

Yes,West Jet is a Low Cost Carrier (LCC). They are starting a Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC)


That’s exactly what I was thinking 😂
Well, let’s not hope this is a “fashion statement” recruiting only 25 yr old pilots. WestJet is basically already a low cost so this must be very competitive.

Their costs are not that low, they’re essentially a full-service carrier at this point. Their CASM is only 7 percent below Air Canada’s. This whole venture will probably flop because of the sky-high aviation taxes in Canada. If they manage to halve fares, they might bring the fare of a short-haul ticket down from $300 to ~$185-215, which is still pretty steep compared to their US peers.


This is cool! Hope they do well!

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