Swoop Announces Toronto Pearson Schedule!

Swoop Announces Service From Toronto Pearson

Swoop, a low-cost Canadian carrier has officially announced operations out of Toronto Pearson airport. In the news article below, they mentioned that they will be starting services on October 25. From what I’ve heard, they have not announced anything about where they will be flying to. Once I get that information, this page will be updated. If anyone wants to be notified when they add more destinations, let me know, and I’ll add your @ in the post.

Swoop quotes, “Travel is beginning to rebound, and we want to help encourage Canadians to reconnect with family and friends or plan that long-awaited vacation,” says Charles Duncan, President, Swoop. “With the robust health and safety measures we have put in place on each of our flights, travellers in Toronto will now have more affordable air travel options than ever before.” this means, that swoop will be thinking about integrating new services to many places, and it’ll be exciting to see them expand as they grow larger.

For those who don’t know who’s swap is, they are a local subsidiary of WestJet, the second largest carrier in Canada.

As of September 2nd, here is the route map that they have planned out of Pearson.

VIA @FlySwoop on twitter.com


This is a pretty interesting move considering they’ve been prioritizing alternative airports such as Abbotsford (next to Vancouver) and Hamilton (next to Toronto).

Nice to see a change in strategy and some new routes.


Are we gonna see a YouTube video on this @Ishrion

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This should be good, maybe they will transfer all Hamilton flights to YYZ 🤷🏼‍♂️ That’d be good for us down in Florida because Orlando would have another direct flight to Toronto.

Maybe, maybe not. School started last week and I’ve been getting really busy

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I would love FLL-YYZ, but I doubt it, because WestJet already operates it

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Ya Air Canada Rouge does MCO-YYZ but those flights can get expensive so we will just have to see.

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I’m specifically mentioning WestJet, because WestJet and swoop are basically the same airline. Swoop was founded by Westjet, so they are still a subsidiary

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Oh ya I forgot about that, I don’t know we will just have to wait and see!!

I think they could overlap routes. Both Swoop and WestJet fly Winnipeg to Las Vegas and Orlando.


You make a very good point

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That would be good for cost saving for Covid and it would simplify the route map.

Yeah! 🇨🇦More Options for schedules in WSVG


All the more reason to have these 737’s in game… 👀

It’ll definitely add an interesting twist to the routes, and would be fun to fly from somewhere like Abottsford to Toronto!


That is true @Ecoops123

Seems like a Canadian Ryanair to me…

not that Ryanair is bad I love ryanair

Well I’ve taken them once (during covid tho), don’t remember a bad landing lol

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Butter 🧈🧈🧈

They have now announced their first routes from Toronto!!!

  • Toronto to Abbotsford 6x weekly
  • Toronto to Edmonton 6x weekly
  • Toronto to Kelowna 4x weekly
  • Toronto to Halifax will 1x daily
  • Toronto to Las Vegas 4x weekly
  • Toronto to Orlando 5x weekly
  • Toronto at Tampa Bay 4x weekly
  • Toronto to Cancun 5x weekly
  • Toronto to Montego Bay 5x weekly

Lol WestJet flies every one of these routes except Toronto to Abbotsford. Will be interesting to see if Swoop is replacing any.