SWOOP Airlines To Begin Service...

WestJets ULCC, SWOOP, is to begin service this Summer! SWOOP’s strategic sales tactic is quite simple. You pay for a lowly priced ticket, and are assigned a random seat on the plane, and you are taken to your destination. THAT SIMPLE! They also service smaller airports near the city instead of flying into the major airport (ie. Hamilton (YHM) instead of Toronto (YYZ). All of you Canadians, get ready to travel this Summer! You can fly to destinations across Canada for low, low prices. If anybody plans on flying with them this Summer, get some pictures and let the rest of us know!

What do you think of SWOOP?

Check out the link below to their clean, sleek, well designed website !


I know people have already talked about SWOOP before, I am just talking about the airline, and announcing the begining of its service. :)

Just did a search, some of their fares aren’t so “ultra-low”. $188 one-way from YHM to YHZ :/


Their livery is a pain on my eyes.


Well, depends on where you are coming from. In USA, there are many choices for airlines to fly. In Canada, it is either WestJet or Air Canada, so it is a bit cheaper for the Canadians. :)

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$40.25 for a carryon?? Yeesh…I think I’ll pass.


Can we all finally admit Frontier doesn’t have the most expensive luggage price? Theirs is between $30-$35. Thank you Swoop for taking the heat off of F9. I’m sick of people saying they won’t fly F9 because of the “super high luggage price”.


Hey! What do you excpect from a ULCC? :)

You can expect a lot. F9 is a ULCC and to me at least they are the best airline on the planet.

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A checked bag on SWOOP is $25-28. That isn’t too bad. Plus you get one personal item free. I say that is a good deal. :)

@SkyHighGuys Good point! But still…who wants to pay $30-$35 for a bag, plus why pay for a bag at all? I mean, at least lower it to 20 bucks. But hey, I love Frontier. I would love to try them out! Might be wise if hot water wasn’t the only free thing on the menu though.


I said to me…quote me in full and not in pieces lol

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Wow all these extra fees are ridiculous.
What’s next? I gotta use the bathroom? “No RTG, the fee for the bathroom is $25!”

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Haha yeah if I had to pay for bags I’d be psos3d off too. But I’ve never had to do it never bothered me like it does for others.

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Oops sorry, didn’t see that part, I’ll delete my comment

It must be part of their strategy, if a checked bag is cheaper than a carry-on. (probably because they know that people try to stuff their carry-ons to the brim). :)

With a family of 4 paying for bags is practically inevitable. I guess you could stuff bags into one bag and pretend you are going on a 5 week vacation or something.😆

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Us Canadians are used to paying extra fees. Even WestJet charge extra for checked baggage etc, and they’re the cheap option. Don’t get me started on Air Canada.

Same with cell phones… Americans can pay $70 for unlimited everything, we pay $100 for 1GB of data. Canada is an expensive place to live.

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I totally agree! There aren’t many options in Canada. :)

Especially the Air Canada part :)

Good to see a ULCC getting off the ground with a decent booking system and a good ancillary fee structure. I can’t wait to see it serving more destinations in the future.

Keep in mind the fares are in CAD, it’s 150 USD, which isn’t bad considering all the taxes we pay in Canada. I found a $129 fare (USD 102) which $84 (USD 67) is the fare with the rest in taxes. Considering that these are peak-season fares, it’s not too bad when an AC/WS ticket will probably cost $275 (USD 218) all in. I would kill for these fares, but WO doesn’t serve my city.

You know $40.25 CAD is equivalent to $32 USD right? That being said, WO is aiming for backpacking people, not people with large amounts of carry-on baggage.

Because there are people who do not want to pay for carry-on allowance they’re not going to use. I would love a backpack-only fare whenever I want to go anywhere for a day or two.

Are they? I found them to be quite reasonable. They need to make money too.

Cannot confirm, paid for excess baggage once, I did not feel irrationally upset at any point.