Swoop 737-800

There’s always a vote you can postpone to give priority to your choices or upcoming features ;)

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Thinking about Swoop right now… Good looking 738

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Nice request, hope we can see it but with dplit scimitars added:)

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I so badly want to see this in IF, especially since my father flies for them and they are probably the largest airline in Canada besides WestJet (their parent company) and Air Canada.

Need it for the WestJet Virtual group 🇨🇦✅

Never even knew this airline existed wow

this joke cracks me up for some reason

I’m going to free up a vote for this one!!

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There, voted!!

i did the same

You got my vote, miss seeing them flying right now.

We’d all love them since we fly Swoop routes regularly! We’re just stuck with a Generic for the moment 😥

They provide some fun Visuals into Abbotsford!


I’m going to bump this because this livery because this is very gorgeous! You have my support for this since I’m out of votes!

Here’s your friendly Canadian, Gabriel here to remind you that you can always take a vote off of something else ;)

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This Canada Day weekend is as good a weekend as any to revive this topic. Let’s see this livery in game!


This livery is definitely needed

of course have my vote! And like the pink Azul airlines livery’s, I guess the Swoop also have a nice design with this pink colour. And also we have so many cool routes to do with

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I dig this livery a lot especially with the split scimitars. Can’t wait to see the MAX in game someday with a swoop scheme too.

Oh we need this lovely livery

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we need this for sure, I love the Swoop’s colours

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