SWOLE247 Heavy

My grade has dropped from a grade 5 to a grade 3 in two days for no reason. I put all that flight time in for nothing to have my landings take away like that for no clear reason . I’m cancelling my subscription.

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You’ll have to elaborate a bit here? Landings taken away?
If you’re referring to the 90 day count, it’s expected to change as days go by given it only counts the past 90 days of landings that’s been made. Landings that were made more than 90 days, are not counted on that parameter.

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I’ve fly at least twice a day, but I didn’t fly for about 4 days. I went to fly yesterday and realized I had dropped from grade 5 to grade 4, so I had to do 6 landings to get back to grade 5. I flew once yesterday and I was going to do the rest today only to find out I’ve dropped to a grade 3.

I understand.
I am going to assume that you have at some point grinded a bit to get those landing up?

Yes, I did quite a bit.

There’s your answer :)

If you do that, they will eventually drop off the 90 day landings…
The trick is to maintain a high amount of landings. Grinding will only you get you to more situations such as this one where high amount of landings drop out in a short period of time, as you grinded 90+ days ago.

I’m actually training for my pilots license so it’s all good.

Fly for fun not for Grade.


You are absolutely right. I was caught up in the whole grade thing.

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