grx, I feel this is gonna be the year!! :D

i hope so!

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When global flight launches all airports will be included, too (so we´ll have all swiss airports) :D

@LSZH34 @Nick_Art @grxninesix

yes but we want officially a real Switzerland region if possible

Me too of course (if Global flight doesn´t launch this year…)

Wouldn’t be a bad region, Mountain flying is fun, I just don’t see the need for people to advertise it in other feature requests.

If one day VQPR & LOWI is added, I’m gonna take a plane to SFO and give the devs the money himself.
Only switzerland would be mindblowing as well.

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GRX says : sorry max for copy this

Some on all the thousands of people voted the region, are voting for a one-country region, for a great mix between moutains and low altitudes scenery, we now are waiting more than 3 years ago for this request and i think, by repsect for all the longtime IF players and requested, they remember this is the second most requested region, since a long time ago, the devs decides to make this region, with Dubai…

And i’m decided… If Switzerland region is decided to be added, i’ll be a part of the airport editing to make LSGG, LSGL, LSGY etc… airports to help the region’s devlopment.

I hope sooo, with all love to FDS staff and community here, we can get a word from the FDS team : “yes or not?” or a statment about this feature. “planned, no planned, started” etc…

Matt and the others come everyday to the feedback website to tag “please repost in english” all the features… Please guys, it’s take only 1 minute!

sorry for the long text but i’m a little bit tired when i see the others features requests get a lot of messages and peoples, features what some get very low votes in feedback website, the number 1 source for all requests!

Mad GRX sends sorry max, this is the only one post what i copy your sign

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Ill make LSGK

As a swiss, i think our region deserves a try at least. We have by far the best scenery, the best airports and the best cheese. That last one was a bit random but … you get the point. #goswiss


Do you want Switzerland ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Of course I want it ;)

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I want Geneva :)


As A Swiss too, I can add, the best chocolate, the best watches, A good medical industrie, And more more more…



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In review for 3 years now


Thanks Aernout for editing the first post (better and more polite message ^^)

Here is a great video where you can see some moutains and awesome sceneries


I hope Switzerland will get a nice scenery in Global Flight