Switching to wrong frequency when selecting "Send & Switch"

Hello everyone, I am regularly coming across this problem. All other topics have either been solved, which didn’t work for me or they are closed due to them being too old.
So now the problem I’m talking about: I was flying into Paris (LFPG) today for the FNF on the expert server. I was with approach, as everyone else was until they handed me off to tower. As you can see in the screenshot below, I sent “Send & switch” as I always do. I then announced that I am on ILS runway whatever inbound for landing. The tower didn’t respond which didn’t really bother me as I was still a few miles out. I was wondering a little bit why noone was talking on the frequency but there was nothing special happening, so again, I didn’t care too much. But then Tower sent me the on-guard warning. I then switched out of the frequency and back in. It was working after that.

Is the problem on my side or is there a bug in the code of the app/servers? Thanks to everyone in advance!

I’m using a Moto g6 plus with Android 9.

Hello there!

I was the tower controller at the moment.

One of the approach controller probably sent you to a frequency that was previously used by another controller.

That’s why you weren’t able to communicate with me.

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That would make sense. So if I understand it correctly, when you send a message it gets saved and it appears as a little sort of strip next to the commands, right? And when the tower controllers change but approach doesn’t the frequency changes and it doesn’t work correctly. Is that about how it might have happened?

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