Switching to Tail camera angle to prevent crashes for iOS?

I heard about changing your camera angle to tail helps preventing crashes. Does that work for you?


Well I dunno about that one but,
The one about turning it into the ceiling in the cockpit view sure helps with long hauls

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What I normally do is turn the cockpit cam towards the floor so that the scenery doesn’t render. Not sure about tail cam though.

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So it’s the scenery that’s causing the leak and crash?

Well I dunno
But, your type of device and the amount of RAM it has, sure plays a vital role with it too

I am using ipad air 2, not sure if it’s good enough

Yeah, it has been somewhat confirmed that it is the root cause.

But, the item I mentioned above may help you complete long hauls, I’ve completed over 90% of my long hauls on the iPad Air using it.

What I do is go on the outside cam, put the cam facing the belly, and clean the scenery cache often. Since I have a (slightly) new device, it works for me. I also often avoid the A350 due to the memory leak issue.

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I only fly 77W, so I was pounded hard.

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I’ve done this with the A350
As well as putting my graphics to low
Airplane count on low
Anti Aliasing off
Time to night
And disabling notifications
And it has worked

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