Switching roles

It would be very cool if for example this great simulator had a feature to switch roles for example to flight attendant on live or maybe the pilot walking down the aisle to go to the bathroom.


This sounds like a feature more for a game than a simulator, but it’s interesting.


Maybe even be a passenger


This sort of thing would evolve into a free roam camera, just inside your aircraft. I do like the sound of it.


make a seprate post for that,

but no need

it would be a duplicate

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Interesting answer
You should be able to park your plane at a gate and press a certain button(not added yet) then be able to walk around the aircraft

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How far do you guys want to walk around the airplane? :)

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Only a few aircraft have actual interiors, most are just hollow, that seems like it would be alot of extra work adding seats to all aircraft. I do like the copilot idead tho, I think there is already a topic for it.

The new free cam mode will be able to let you do a walk around of the aircraft in some sort of similar effect which is coming in the next update :)

I never thought that a day would come when someone wants to play a game that allows the player to serve coffee and hand out snacks to rude customers…

to be honest it is pretty realistic IN REAL LIFE :) let me explain: you are the captain flying the plane, when you need to go to the bathroom you put Autopilot and go to your bathroom! ahah :)

… not a good idea, that cost me 4 violations in a row.
… just going to the loo.

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