Switching Purchases from Android to iOS

I was using android and I just switched to iPhone 6 Plus and I have purchased every region and almost every plane (before tha switch)one at a time and have leveled up to level 4 I figured out how to get signed in but none of my purchases are there can some one please help me I can not afford to loose all that I have bought I hit the restore purchase button but nothing happened

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Unfortunately you cannot transfer purchases from android to iPhone, so you’ll have to buy them again.


It is not possible to transfer your purchases from iTunes/App Store (iPhone) to Google Play (Android).
If you have Live you can log in with the same account, and your live will still be there. If you have Live+, log on with same account and you’ll unlock everything for the remaining months of your subscription.


The only thing that transfers in your Live subscription. If you bought them individually, you can’t transfer it.


That I don’t believe I repurchased the app because infinite flight has no control between google play and the App Store how ever as far as in app purchases they do they can restore ur purchases the same way they can change ur levels back up if u were wrongly ghosted or what not

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You paid Apple for your in app purchases which means that they are not transferable to Android


That is not possible, as it’s two different operation system and App Store.


Sign in go to solo and hit restore

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I mean ur probably right about the purchases not being transferred automatically but I believe some one from infinite flight could see what I have bought and restore them sorry didn’t mean to come off as a jerk!

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An easy solution to this problem would be to have the IAP’s be on the IF website and purchase there. Just like how you can purchase Live(+) from the website.


This works the very same way that games and content for consoles do.
When you buy a game for an XBox and maybe extra content as well, you do not get a free copy of each for your PlayStation. Only difference here is instead of consoles the platforms are iOS and Android.
Only a subscription can be used with a valid copy of the app on either platform with a single purchase, but only on one device at a time.


I understand that I think and that’s why I bought the app itself again from the App Store but the in app purchases I bought we’re from flying development studios who are in direct contact with my profile and payment history I mean I’ll admit I don’t fully understand all of it but I fill that I got a firm grip when I say I payed google play for the app but once inside everything else I bought was from infinite flight and same for iOS I bought the app from App Store but once logged in if I buy something it comes from y’all. I bought the app from two different people but I gotta buy planes and regions from the same person twice because I changed platforms however my subscription level stats are there?

I really like the game and the community but I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars and just to stay apart of the community I would half to spend that again or spend fifty dollars in one drop witch I don’t have is kinda heart wrenching I mean come on

IAPs and subscription purchases are very different. The app stores make all policies for IAPs and Apps.
IAPs are yours forever (unless you get a refund) Subscriptions are temporary and are not owned.
I feel your pain, but this is how gaming has worked for decades. EA wouldn’t send you a free copy of Madden for your XBox just because you bought a PlayStation version. It’s really the same thing with apps and IAPs.
They, (EA) like us still had to spend significant time and effort creating and maintaining development for a different version on each platform. This is just how the industry has always worked. When any app or game etc is bought, there’s never a condition that suggests that the purchase entitles consumers to free copies for all other platforms.
It is, what it is. :)


So if I go ahead and purchase the the yearly subcription on my iPhone will
I have my subcription across the board ios and android??

Yes, for the duration of the subscription period. Anything not purchased individually will return to being locked after the annual Live Plus sub expires.

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