Switching network prevents connecting back to server fully

Issue: Cannot reconnect to server properly even when internet working fine

Repro steps:

  1. Connect to a WIFI
  2. Spawn on Expert server with other players around (to verify this behaviour)
  3. Server status is currently all 4 greens
  4. Change network to different WIFI with different internet connection
  5. Now all server status turn red and back to green in few seconds
  6. At this point, Internet is working fine and all green in status, but no nearby player is shown. Also cannot contact ATC

NOTE: Connecting back to the first WIFI fixes the issue and all nearby players are shown again and everything gets back to normal

Extra info:

  • This has started to happen to me around 1-2 month back (maybe around when Expert beta server was introduced)
  • Happens at least on Expert and IFATC servers
  • Same issue happens when connection is changed from WIFI to Mobile data, or 5G mobile data network to 4G network

Device: Realme X7 Max 5G
Operating system: Android 12


Make sure your airplane count setting is at “very high” and frankly speaking If you have WI-FI why to go on internet Connection .After opening Infinite flight make sure background apps are clear so there’s no pressure of internet data flow on other apps rather than Infinite flight . Clear your Infinite flight cache before launching infinite flight, it may help.I personally prefer to play over WI-FI for better connectivity However , there’s a chance you might not have steady tower when on mobile data , hence it also depends on area where you live .Try following above steps and send a message if that Works…


We’ve seen something that may be related to this and are investigating.
Thank you for your very detailed report! :)


Seems like when IP address changes, it shows connected but live traffic/ATC is not shown.
Main thing is that when I connect again with same IP address, everything works perfectly again!


I would like to add when doing testing trying to control and/or fly on multiple devices at once on the same server (obviously that’s not meant to be possible), I got some interesting results. These results meant that only 1 device was properly connected to the server, but eventually the device that had a red server status turned green (but that device was not properly connected to the server). This means that the server status checkmark was completely lying and it helps reveal how that checkmark isn’t always accurate.

Quick question: Does this apply when switching between Wifi and cellular/mobile data or only when switching between wifi and wifi? I’ve had to switch between Wifi and cellular in the past and it’s worked just fine (haven’t tried recently though).

Able to reproduce, issue is slightly different as I see other pilots and I hear all communication. But others don’t see me and can’t hear me

iOS 15.x (the one before ios16)
iPad 9th gen

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Exact same thing happened with me just now :(
I could hear all comms on freq. They was no response for my requests. When I asked the controller, he asked - Are you there on my frequency?


This happens to me too. It also happens when you leave infinite flight (with it running in the background) then re-open it


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