Switching From App Store to Play Store

Hey everyone I just got the Samsung s7. And I want to download infinite flight on this phone. I came from a iPhone 6 and I bought a lot of planes on that phone will I get my planes back on my new phone if I log into my account of infinite flight. I hope someone can help. Happy landings ! ( sorry for bad spelling or Grammer)

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I have some bad news for you. I don’t think you can switch from the App Store to the Play Store and transfer your purchases.

Oh no! Well that ducks I guess I will ahead to start over agai . Thankso for the help tho

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Thanks for making a tittle I went blank on a tittle 😂

No problem. There is one good thing that’ll come from this. I also bought an S7 and the one thing I can tell you is that it’ll run IF on max settings and will look amazing and won’t lag

All you have to do is re-purchase an app. But i hear its easy to make money on Play store (watching ads) dont sweat it!

Switching platforms like Android to iOS is just like switching from an X Box to a PlayStation. Everything purchased for the XBox won’t work on the PlayStation and new copies are needed to be purchased. Same thing here. :)

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