Switching from Android to Iphone

Hi Team,
I was using infinite flight for very long time, but I had to take a break for few months due to my other profession. I was using my infinite flight on android device earlier and I have pretty good stats there but now I have jumped to Apple device and now I’m unable to retrieve my older account and if I log in with my iCloud account then I may lost all my progress. Kindly guide me.
Thank you!

Hello, Please link your IFC account on your android device by clicking the settings icon then click “connect” or something. Then go to your iphone device and do the same and then your stats will be together.


if you linked your original stats and subscription to your IFC account, then you should be able to transfer it over by logging in on your new device.

Your stats, logbook, subscription and other things that are shared across devices will be there as if nothing ever happened. Replays though won’t be transferred.


Thank you so much @Hamzaviator. I’ll try as instructed.

Thank you so much @anon36731834. Lemme try your way.

As far as I know my community account is linked with my infinite flight account. But I’m still having the same problem, could you please elaborate, how can I connect my community account to my infinite account. It’s still showing me this message. Although I have purchased the subscription just now.

it looks like it was found, but you don’t have a subscription on it (community and infinite flight accounts are same)

“We found your account”

“but there is no active subscription associated to it”

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What I just did, I took android phone and log in to my infinite account and purchased the subscription from it coz I have some balance left on my play store account. When I opened the app on android it was working fine. But as I try to log in to my iPhone with the same account. This message is popping up.

are you signed in to the Infinite Flight app on the Android with your community account, the same account you’re using here on this website and trying on the iPhone?

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Yes, I’m trying with the same account on iPhone.
In nutshell, I purchased subscription from my android device with the same account that I was using for long time. Now I’m using the same account on my iPhone but it shows that I have no subscription associated with my account.

Is it possible to try signing in on the iPhone again? Maybe it needs a moment to truly register your subscription in the servers.

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Yeah I can do that. Let’s hope for the best. :/

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@vaibhav_singh it’s been little over 5 minutes now, did you find success?

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Yes I tried just now, still the same issue :(

Over the last half an hour did you restart (fully close and then reopen) Infinite Flight on the iPhone? Maybe IF just needs to start fresh

Yes I have restart it 3 4 times, does it make any difference if I reinstall the app ?

You could give it a shot, maybe that’ll somehow do something

At the same time I don’t think a reinstall would make a difference if it’s account issues though

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Did you resubscribe in the infinite flight app or the play store? If you did it through the play store then it maybe have confused infinite flight a little bit.

So on both devices, if you were to go into settings then to “account” both devices show the same “community forum account”? (The account name circled in red is mine, but is yours the same on both devices?)

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Can you share the callsign of the account from your iPhone?
It’s not been applied to your account linked with your Community profile, so it’s currently on a default account most likely.

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Hey @schyllberg thanks for hopping in, Please refer to the details in the picture.