Switching from android to ios

Hello IFC,
I have a quick question about switching device from android to ios. Do i need to create an apple I.D and re download the app and re pay again ? Please tell me so i have an idea. Thanks!

I believe so. Unless you can login with google. I paid on IOS a year or so ago through google and now it is just linked to my Apple ID and iPad

Really? Cool thanks budd.

You may have to pay again but you can alwyas contact support if you have too

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On a side note Apple devices are the ones experiencing problems after the 19.4 update, so if you want to continue enjoying IF as you always had I’d suggest simply upgrading your android device so you don’t pay all the extra money

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My IOS device is fine. It’s ones with 1gb of ram. Newer devices on IOS are smooth and 14.4.1/2 fixed some issues

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I know i have to pay again if im switching to ios. I have been android user since the first year I downloaded the app. But also every update of the app, my device is getting more laggy. So i decided to switch up to ios cause ios looks more realistic than android. So thanks to those who response i appreciate that guys. Thanks 🙂

I’m guessing you meant IF 19.4.2? Yes it did fix some issues. Any apple device with more than 2 GB should be fine.

Yeah I just couldn’t remember if it was .1 or .2


You need to pay to download the app, yes. App and in-app purchases are not transferable.

Your subscription (if applicable) can however be used on all devices that supports the latest version of the app. To access it, you just need to make sure the account is linked to Google / Facebook.

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No just connect it to google and then sign in on ios

@max7777 @anon55618039 - the user have not mentioned a subscription even existing. Not sure why you’re stuck on that.

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I just assumed he had a subscription and I was just stating my experiences with connecting via a google account on IOS Incase he did. Sorry.