Switching from Airbus

I have only flown the A321 exclusively but am now making a switch to either the 737-900 or the CRJ-900.

I find that the CRJ is a whole lot easier to land then the A321 but I wanted to get your take on which you think is your preffered of the two (737 or CRJ)


  • 737
  • CRJ

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That may be a first


You can’t really compare the two that well. The CRJ is designed for very short-haul flights, usually below two hours, while the 737 is designed for short to medium-haul flights, usually from 1-6 hours. They’re completely different aircraft in terms of physics and capacity.

In my opinion, the new 737 is the easiest to land from your list, then the A321, and then the CRJ. No idea how it’s easier for you to land the CRJ than the A321…


I dont know why itis, it just is for me, it came down easy. Mabye it’s because I used a joystick for the A321 and not for the CRJ?


Yeah, that explains a lot. Joystick isn’t anything easy to use in IF.


I fly the CRJ the most so I have the most experience with it. I would say it’s a bit easier to land than the 737 but it all comes down to preference. They are 2 completely different aircraft.

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Hey @Jack , can I ask you why you prefer the CRJ?

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I like it because I love flying many American routes. Especially out of KCLT. I also fly the CRJ a lot in real life. It’s such a smooth, responsive plane to fly. Plus I love the cabin views and doors.

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I gotta go with that 737-8 that girl so sweet coming down on her gears!!! Buterrrr

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Got to say this guys and dont hate me…But I switched to the 787. I love you Infinite Flight staff but the 737 cockpit looks like…just bad…really bad.

Again I know your hard hard at work and it takes time but I just couldn’t switch to that after seeing the amazing jobs you have done with the A320 and 787, and CRJ.

I didnt realize the 737 cockpit was 2d.

Sorry guys,

I’m reppin 787.

I can only recommend the CRJ series. It’s probably the best airliner model currently available, you have plenty of liveries and it’s perfect for smaller airports.

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It actually has 3D switches but the resolution of for example the displays is simply bad, also it has no illuminated cockpit.

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Well well… the 787 isn’t a bad choice either but the 738 is like a pit bull for a pet (badass) I do have lots of hope that the devs will come through big in 2019 with tha rework for her and we the lovers of the 738 will definitely won’t have any reason to switch to another bird.

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Lmao I respect that man.

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