Switching Devices

Just a quick question, Can I just keep my IF pro subscription on my android and use my IPad for flights or will I need to use a separate subscription?

I am able to use both iOS and Android devices with the same subscription (purchased on ios), all i had to do was connect the app to my IFC account

Thanks bro just wanted to make sure I had a smooth transition

If you’re permanently switching (like getting rid of the android and moving entirely to the ipad) just make sure your IFC account was connected to the android device, to sync your grade and other stats over, and when the google play purchased subscription expires you can resubscribe the same IFC account to it through ios

If you’re just wanting access across the two different devices then yes it’ll work pretty seamlessly

Edit: also if you wish to save any replays, you’ll have to export them separately as those are not synced across devices


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