Switching between Ground and Tower modes.

Hey guys,
So say you are controlling at KNUC ground on the playground server, and someone else is tower. Do you guys not think it would be a good idea, for when the guy on tower logs off, you get a notification and then can click a button to get on tower instead of having to log off and then select tower?
Very small I know but I think it could be a good idea.

  • Yes, this would be a great idea!
  • No, it’s not needed!

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Awesome idea. I hate having to keep disconnecting to see if tower is open

You can see if tower is open by clicking the airport name on the map and it will show open frequencies.

I personally think that this is not needed, although in some situations it’s good, the priority should not be to always hog tower and ground simultaneously. Many ATC on the playground jump on both tower and ground at busy airports (e.g. LAX) and then show poor controlling because of heavy traffic on both frequencies.

Yes but the thing is that not many people think/or have the time to click on the airport.

At KNUC I think the idea would work horribly wrong. From my experience at San Clementé on the playground, you need someone per antsy controlling ground for reasonable traffic flow, yet alone good. At other airports this idea is good.

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I agree completely with you.

A comment as simple as that can be justified with a like.

A great idea and must be applied

No need to tag developers, they regularly check the forum to see what’s new. I’m sure they’ll take a look at this.


Don’t tag the Devs please!

Not lazy enough to miss The Force Awakens!

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Sorry I didn’t know I’m relatively new.

Does this have any chance of being added? I found that I have this problem