Switching Base to Europ

When the work calls you, as you’ve been waiting a while for hin then you respond. That’s what I did in december, I left my home island (Pole caraibes TFFR) to Belgium now, after a connection by France from raod.
So here some shots of my trip with my favorite airline Corsair Intl’, enjoy.

Tonight ride is the F-HCAT A330-243 RR trent770 engines
The flight was scheduald to 19h00PM, but sufferd a 4hrs delay from ORY for unknown reasons. They then landed at 21H20 PM on a rainy night.

After several hours in the flight, it was time for breakfirst at FL390

You can already spot contrails on the top, this was an Air France 772 that departed minutes after us with the same destination ORY, they passed over us during flight.

Here they are from cockpit, after I recive an invitation to visit the flight deck. They initially refuse my request earlier for the takeoff due to night operations.

They also alow me to take photos of the race on going with air france and more…

The descent was already on going slowly.

And here the last shots from cockpit of a trafic passing by lower, an HOPair CRJ 700 of Airf France regional.

And finally my last photos during final descent in Paris, OVC conditions that day, low visibility, ILS CAT I for the landing, a very satisfying flight.
I 'm never desapointed with the -200, powerful takeoff with my back takled on my seat to engoy every seconds of the produiced energy.

Thx for reading.


Nice topic, thanks for sharing !


Nice shots! 😎

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Amazing pictures! Looked like a nice flight!


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