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Good Morning,

I have an old tablet which still runs IF version 20.3 and I have a phone that has 64-bit support. Is there any way I can switch my account to my phone and then back to my tablet later on for the bigger screen?

Thanks. :)

No this isn’t possible if you are looking to bypass the system requirements and run recent versions on your tablet.

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No i mean could I switch my account to my phone so I can get the 3d buildings and a220

Then later on when I switch back to my tablet account after I have had enough of the a220 and 3d airports

Yes that is possible then - however the logbook will show any flights done with the A330neo and A220 as unknown most likely.

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Thanks, will have a try!

You can use as many devices as you’d like on one account, you’d just sign in. Some I know use quite a lot, like @Kirito_77.


Hey @ybtl.aviation,

Yes it is possible to switch accounts. Only thing is, make sure you have your MAIN account linked to your IFC profile. From reading what you’ve said this would be the one on the iPad. Once that is done do the following:

  1. Open up Infinite Flight on your phone and go to Settings → Account.

  2. Click on “Switch Account”.

  3. Click “Revert to default account”

  4. You should be completely logged out and it should say “Get Pro” in the top right, click it.

  5. Click “I already have an account”.

  6. Click “Sign in with Infinite Flight” and log in with your IFC credentials.

  7. Once done you’ll be prompted to “Authorise” the app gaining access to your account.

  8. And that’s it completed, let us know if you’ve any further questions!

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Thanks Mate, Will do!

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How well would you reckon a Samsung galaxy a20 would work for Infinite Flight?

Well as you said, it is compatible with Infinite Flight as it’s 64 bit. I can’t seem to find it in the Device Compatibility Thread so don’t have a reference to anything but looking at the specs and release date, it’s only 3 years old and the specs itself aren’t bad.

What would I say is, playing around with the graphics and seeing what doesn’t slow down your device. You could probably get away with everything on high, 30FPS and airplane count at medium. But when you get the chance, you can mess with settings and see.

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