Switched from Android to iPhone and need feedback

So since my Android phone completely shattered, I ordered an iPhone 7 to see if I would like it. So far I do not. Is it possible to download Infinite Flight for free again and restore my apps I had with Google Play? One more thing I’d like to know is if my phone would have 3D buildings and such. Much thanks!

I think there is no way to have your Google Play Apps also purchased in the App Store since both run separated.

Also, here is the review on the iPhone 7:

So now I can’t download Infinite Flight? There’s no way I’m repurchasing an app I had bought like 5 times for separate devices

Yeah sadly I think so. The sub however should be transferable

That’s really unfortunate. But thanks for your help! The thread you linked told me about graphics, but does it have 3D buildings?

I am not entirely sure how new that review is, but generally speaking devices capable of handling more than minimum graphics should also support buildings. Maybe @Kirito_77 knows more by chance

Okay, thank you very much! I’m still figuring out how this phone works 😂

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Ah, a good indicator would also be which version your device can download IF in. If it’s the current one it should be good. But maybe someone who has more expertise can elaborate more

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If you would have linked it with the same Google Play account you wouldnt have had a problem. Same deal with apple. You gonna have to repurchase the app since your on a totally new platform.

Damn, never thought I’d see someone that contributes to every support topic asking for help…

Infinite Flight is currently showing as free on the Apple App Store. However, considering you just bought an iPhone 7, I’m sure the small cost for the application wouldn’t be too much.
Your subscription is linked to your account used for IF, so signing into that will restore your subscription and purchases.

You can transfer some amounts of data between platforms, but as the applications are built differently and rely on different services, you can’t simply transfer apps from one to the other. You can install a suite of Google Apps to recover a portion of your old data and transfer it onto the iPhone.

In terms of the device performance, it should run a mix of medium and high graphics, however be warned the 7 is notorious for poor battery and thermal issues. It will support 3D buildings and is currently running on the latest version of Infinite Flight.


Well that’s only because I’ve never had an iPhone ;)

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