Switchblade Flying Car - Flying Soon!


Recently it was announced that SamsonSky, the creator of the Switchblade Flying Car, would soon be sending its prototype out for its first test flight (drive?). With over 600 reservations for the flying car already in place, the company disclosed at EAA Air Venture this year that the first flight of this machine could be as little as two months away.

The machine, classified as a motorcycle by the US Department of Transportation, would be able to drive through IFR conditions to VMC, then transitioning in flight configuration once VFR conditions were reached.

The current design sports two seats, optional dual control, and is powered by a 190-hp motorcycle engine (not kidding, read the article) and would have an average cruise speed of 160mph. Initial design and testing suggests that the Switchblade can land in as little as 1,250 feet, even above stall speed.

I find this to be a step in the wrong direction. We already see aviation technology that is readily available being abuse (drone near A380, anyone?), and I see a similar trend here. Although the Switchblade is far more expensive than your common UAS, if it is not regulated in the same manner as other aircraft of similar size and performance, this will prove to be as equally a dangerous program.

Take a read of the article and post what you think? Good idea or bad?



I don’t know. If it’s a kit plane, people might need to have sense to build/fly it. I agree it needs to be regulated.

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I like technology, I like planes, but technology might be going a step too far, or too advanced for our generation at least.

Ok first that electric plane train thing and now this why what’s wrong with planes

I don’t really see why people have a problem with this to be honest. If you have the money, a PPL and someone who can build it then I don’t see why it wouldn’t be very convenient? Sounds like people are just afraid of change to me.

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Kinda cool…I guess we are on our way to the Jetsons flying car. 😀

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