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hello everyone, since I have problems with IF in my mobile phone I thought of downloading IF on the iPad. there is a problem, however: the iPad is made out to my father and not to me, so if I wanted to install IF on the iPad should I pay it back?

You also should login in the same apple id :)


Log out of your dad’s Apple ID in the App Store on the iPad if he gives you permission, then log in with your Apple ID that you purchased Infinite Flight with. You will then be able to download Infinite Flight to the iPad as it has already been purchased. After it has downloaded, open it and log in to get your subscription if you have one. Then go back to the App Store, log out of your Apple ID and log back in with your dad’s. Hope this helps.


You’re most welcome. You never described the process of logging out of the App Store and logging back in. Some people don’t know that exists.

Cheer up.


Hey! Can you show me how to do? Thanks

Sure! Not a lot of people have actually done this before, so thanks for asking for clarification.

You can find the instructions below. If you need further help, just contact us here.

thanks! actually I thought to add my ID in my father's iPad, but then I knew that it can't be done because you have to create one or delete my father's one

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You don’t have to delete your father’s Apple ID. You simply log out of his, log into yours. Then once Infinite Flight is downloaded, log out of yours and log back into your father’s (or ask him to log back in). You don’t lose anything.

Okay, I’ll ask him later. Thank you very much!

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You can add your father to family sharing, then you can install IF using your father’s Apple ID.

After installing just login with the account you use in IF

No need to logout. I use IF on my sister’s iPad and installed IF on her iPad using family sharing.

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