Switch to hand controls if joystick connection is lost

So, i’m a joystick user, and absolutely enjoy using it in Infinite Flight. But here is the thing: liveflight connect isn’t 100% stable, meaning that it can crash. On cruise, you of cource, don’t care. But what if you are manually controlling the airplane?. I had that incident 3 or 4 times, and this is horrible experience. You are taking off, but on 150 meters AGL, you suddenly lose control of an airplane. It banks sharply, while you are trying to quickly reset the controls in settings. With global, you can have realistic flightplans, but entering a long flight plan isn’t fun, and if joystick stops working on takeoff, you will 99% crash, and all your flightplan will be cleared. So, my request, is that if the connection with wired joystick (android) or with liveflight connect is lost, controls will switch to the device’s sensors.

ah, makes sense, have had this happen to me before, so i havent used live flight connect in a while since then

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Yep, sounds good, I’ve had this happen too many times

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Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request! I think it’s a great idea.

Ironicly, i had it right now on landing at LFPG. At 200ft AGL, after a 4:23h flight.

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can people please stop saying “vote for your own feature request” it doesnt change anything, just because they vote for it, doesn’t mean its coming

I know but it encourages others to vote. I voted for mine even tough I doubt they’ll put it unfortunately

its not needed, you don’t need to tell people to vote for a feature, if they want to vote for it, let them vote for it

Such a smart request !! I love it !

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