Switch subscription across 2 accounts

I’ve just got my subscription back after months without one but I accidentally added 30 days to the wrong account which has just been created but I need my subscription to be on my other account I’ve just logged into with over 400 hours.
Is there a way anyone could help me please?
Thank you

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It may be an idea to have a refund and then purchase the subscription in the correct account.



What is the display name and callsign of the account you purchased it on along with the one you’d like it switched to? I’ll gladly move the subscription for you. Thanks


Thank you so much, Tyler. It’s been a while but I’ll get them now!

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I just found your IFAE account and added a month of Live. I will just need the one you actually purchased it on now. 🙂


So the account it was purchased on today has a display name of Jordan Johnson and Callsign is J1309J.
The account which has all my stats on which I need it switching to is IFAE-Jordan Johnson & JDJ16.

If you can somehow delete the whole account it was purchased on then you’re more than welcome to do so too please

Unfortunately I cannot do that but have added your month of Live to IFAE-Jordan Johnson, also removing the purchase from your inactive account. You’re all set! 🙂


Thanks for your support!

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