Switch server mid flight

I am not happy right now, I first had to cancel this flight I’m on about 20 minutes into it because I realized that my aircraft wasn’t selected correctly. I know I had selected the Livery but I must have just not hit okay correctly. And then I was doing ATC on the training server and then when I went back to fly I never changed it back to expert server. Now I’m 11 hours into a flight and realizing the whole purpose of Landing with ATC is pointless. seriously not happy right now

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I’m a bit confused. You’re saying that you selected the wrong server for your flight?

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But like, that’s not a reasonable fix, imagine if you were controlling an FNF airport and suddenly an A350 spawns in on final approach… that wouldn’t be good.

I made the same mistake you did last week, I caught it. Just a mistake that sucks and you have to live with


I’m sorry to hear that, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t abandon your flight though, you will still get the same amount of xp.

sorry for the inconvenience!

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Wait, it looks like you are talking about something else, I don’t think I’m understading…

I agree with you I think they should be certain limits of when you could switch. Probably only above a certain altitude and within the first hour of taking off or something. It was all my fault I should have checked but still

When going over pre flight check just make sure u have the correct server and aircraft :) that would be easy. But honestly this isn’t fun. I think it would cause problems. Also when I log in u see the server say welcome to the training server or expert or casual.


Yeah I get that, but I’d rather have them spend time adding new features than something that happens less than 1% of the time
And can be fixed with a quick check before you spawn in


You would think right? Haha

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PM me if anyone’s up for flying today I’m going to be doing a lot of it.

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