Switch runways/ Runway is closed

Hi I have been bothered by people requesting takeoff from a closed runway. How do I tell them that the runway that they are requesting takeoff from is closed and to taxi to the open runway?


Can a mod switch this to ATC I believe it should belong under that category or maybe support?

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Just because a runway is red doesn’t mean it’s closed. It can still be used but the winds just aren’t favorable for the runway.

Green runway: Calm wind conditions
Yellow runway: Crosswind conditions
Red runway: Heavy wind conditions

So like I said. Just because a runway is red doesn’t mean it’s closed. Because this is TS1, most users don’t understand active runways and will try to takeoff from the runway that is in the direction of there flight plan.


When I was on the inbound on LHR on TS, the ATC said: RWY 09L is a closed runway.

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I know that I figured that out a while ago it’s just intersecting departures and I’d rather them be flowing out the favorable runway

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Well because TS1 doesnt have ATIS some players don’t know what’s active.

Send traffic advisories to let inbound planes know which runways are in use

I dont think you can do that as an ATC, only as a pilot I believe…

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Ok, this is an ATC issue. My bad.

It can be open but many times the side with the least favorable winds will not be used.You can easily search of your airport on flightaware to see where the inbound traffic is going.


The OP is saying that when he is ATC he wants to tell pilots to use a a different runway if they are going to towards one that is opposite end to one where rest of pilots are being sent and so upsetting the traffic flow.

Unfortunately on TS1 pilots don’t always follow instructions and are generally less experienced than you find on Expert server. This is sometimes also the same of ATC. Only suggestion is to keep giving taxi instructions to the runway you wish them to use.

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Something needs to be done.

People are able to taxi to any runway they want on TS, which for a busy airspace can completely runway a controller’s operating plan. It’s funny how exactly what you’re asking is what I was thinking about last night, and there really is no way of communicating their error. Who knows, they might not know that the runway has two labels.

Unfortunately the chance of changes being made is slim. I do hope we can get some sort of warning system back, but just remember you CAN message a mod with evidence of a troll and they can ghost them from the Training Server.

Oh, and, why are people even paying $10+ to troll a mobile flight simulator?


Yeah you just wonder why the heck some people bought the app and payed for some subscription

I agree, it is really annoying when someone does not follow your ATC instructions on the training server. This one person was told to go around multiple times, reminds me of the Air Canada flight at KSFO.

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For instance if you are controlling KLAX. And runways 24 L & R, and runways 25 L & R, go red. You still use them as it is proper procedure. Planes almost never takeoff from 06 or 07.

Of course, I believe they only use like 06R on some mornings?

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They use 06L in the morning for arrivals. By morning, I mean like at 5 AM. They don’t want to wake up any residents I think.

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There’s a good chance that many misbehaving pilots on Training Server are young kids who honestly don’t have a clue, never seen a tutorial, dont understand how to properly operate the IF app, don’t understand the ATC instructions and frankly don’t care. From this group, there’s a percentage that enjoys being a pain, but I would suggest that group is limited. Overall I believe it’s just plain ignorance. Who knows how many don’t even understand English?

As TS ATC you need to live with this, and focus on delivering a good job and the pilots that do follow instructions. Work around the noobs, hold short your outbound while this kid takes off from the other end of the runway, and there you go. Do not be discouraged; there’s still a lot of fun to be had and ATC experience to gain.

So questions to you TSATCs: do you know when to give a pattern entry instruction? Do you know where to use a 360 and where a go-around? Do you use Speed instructions properly? How do you re-sequence your inbounds? Do you monitor your ground traffic and use give-way instructions properly? How many IFATC tutorials did you watch?

Why not focus on this instead of noobs? 😊

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Hi Azeeunwl, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I actually do know how to use all of these. I personally am not a fan of the try to ignore them reasoning. You can do this to the best of your ability, but you can really never block them out. You have inbounds, are you supposed to let them collide? It’s also annoying to have to force people to hold short when you do have someone trolling like this.

If you want to see me use these commands, I’m in ATCEG and have an active Tracking Thread open.

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