Switch my device from iPhone to android

Hello everyone I have got an new galaxy tab s4 today and I transfer my iPhone to the galaxy tab so I try to enter my account to this device and I can’t log in …

Any help?

Which one are you using? Google/apple/facebook to log in?

Am using apple with hotmail email to login

Apple are different from Android. If you payed the subscription with Apple/hotmail then I must tell you that you might make a new account for Android, but don’t do that right now. Try to find other way that you might come up with.

Are you signing in with Facebook or Google to access your account? Or is it not linked to either? Is this something you know? If not, give me your callsign and display name and I’ll check :)

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Thanks my friend for your reply

Actually log in with my hotmail email with apple device and i pay for the subscription with App Store so i never linked my account to Facebook or google

And this my details



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What you are using for App Store is not relevant in this matter :)

Your account is linked to a Google account:
ma6afyforever@gm**l(not typing out the entire e-mail to avoid spam for you)

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Thnk my friend I thought my account linked with the hotmail ones … I just signed with my gmail and found my account … thanks


Seb is always helpful to anyone. Gald you can play IF on your Samsung Tablet now.

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