Switch mid-flight from live to solo

Many times I have started a flight on live and have unexpectedly had to go out somewhere and leave my device, knowing I won’t be back in time for my scheduled arrival. This is annoying as I then have to quit a flight which may be nearing its end. It’s a shame to have to end the flight just before an arrival or a few hours in to the flight. It would be really good if it was possible to switch to solo mode in a flight, which would mean you could pause the flight and resume it at a later time(I’m not talking about the pausing the flight for hours, maybe just 30 minutes which will give enough time to get back to your device). I guess this may be easy to implement as If you receive a violation and are ghosted you have the option to continue your flight in solo mode.

This could be subject to some trolling tbh…users who fly around and bother others or fly badly, and then quickly switch to solo to avoid a violation, so they get away.


True, but ATC will still be able to see their calls sign so could still maybe report them so that violations are still received, although that will probably come under another feature request

If they’re not part of the IFC though, that would prove very difficult to enforce.

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True, I think there will always be trolls regardless, but I believe the freedom of being able to switch to solo and not miss out on xp and landing stats and not waste time on doing half a flight outweighs maybe a slight increase in trolls

Just to add onto Sooraj’s comment, you can get the identifier number and send that to a supervisor or moderator and they could initiate the report however this just adds more work for them.

It’s a good idea but I don’t think it would be used appropriately.

I like it, but you should only be able to do it while at cruising altitude