Switch email address

Hi I was wondering if I could get my email switched on my account because I want to keep everything under one email for simplicity.

If you message a moderator or wait for assistant employees I’m sure they can do this for you.

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Do you know of any moderators I can message?

Hey. Just start a PM with @ moderators and whoever is available will be able to help you out… Make sure to give them your current Display Name, Callsign, and what you would like to change your email to. That will make it easier and quicker for them to help you out. Cheers

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Much appreciated

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Is this for your account in Infinite Flight, or on the forums?


Per your message, the Infinite Flight account you have is now unlinked. To link it to a different account, tap your display name in the top right corner and then “Link account”. You will then be able to link it to a different Google account or Facebook account :)


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