Swissair Convair Model 30 CV-990-30-6 HB-ICC "St. Gallen".

This Convair Model 30 CV 990-30-6, HB-ICC and named “St. Gallen”, was accepted by Swissair on January 25, 1962. Swissair and Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) had placed a joint order for the Model 31 in 1958, but in 1959 the order was changed to the Model 30 (the Model 31 was not built).
Swissair used the name “Coronado” for its 990 fleet and it was also adopted by other carriers.
The Convair 990 had additional fuel capacity for intercontinental routes and much higher operating weights.
Swissair started services with the Coronado on Far East routes on March 9, 1962.
“St. Gallen” was donated to the Lucerne Traffic Museum on March 20, 1975.

“Classic Early Jet Liners 1958-1979”.