Swissair Boeing 747-200

Credits: Boeing 747-257B - Swissair | Aviation Photo #2769033 |

More information: Fleet - Boeing 747-257

Hello community! I am requesting this livery for Infinite Flight because it is just a stunning livery for the Boeing 747-200 family. If you like it, please vote for it!

Yes, the plane is a Boeing 747-257 just like the KLM Boeing 747-200 in the game.

For the developers

This livery is easier to make than normally done! Just take the KLM Boeing 747-200 and just replace the blue colors and add the cross and the rest.

Thanks! I hope that you developers add this in the future!

What an awesome livery! This livery definately is missing in the 747-2 family for Infinite Flight. Unfortunately I am out of votes but I definately support it.

Also please flag the older topic as this is a duplicate. Make sure you search before creating a new secondary topic and contact any moderator via PM. Yours is much better as it has all the information needed with your own personal vote. Here is the link.

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@Nick_Art you might wanna see this

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Hmmm… All liveries are not easy to make. All Art/Model designers needs to be to 100% accurate on placing/replacing graphics and the colour scheme when creating any livery. Also One livery takes from atleast a half a day to a few days, since the developers team is really small. I suggest just, removing this little point you said as this would be a little clearer. :)

Ok so first, I said that because they could just take the KLM 747-200 because it has the exact same window placement and the 3 windows on the top deck. That us what I mean

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This is a great idea, it woud be a cool livery. :D

The eyeliner on the front reminds me of the new Air Canada livery.


Bumping this!

That was a mistake

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Little bump

Massive bump! This is a sick livery. Why not vote for it?

Voted… I really love this Livery, I miss my National Carrier. Saw a lot of Swissair Liveries when it wasn’t grounded yet, and flew on the Swissair MD-11. Sadly we do not have the MD-11 Livery of Swissair (Swiss instead, but its not the same lol), this would defenitely be a gread Additiion.

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Summer 2000, ZRH - LAX (HB-IWK) and LAX - ZRH (HB-IWM). I miss them as well, would be fantastic to have a Swissair livery added to the game!

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mine was I guess in 1997 to Hong Kong Kai Tak

You certainly have our vote!



This reminds me of a 70s retro club! Bump!