Swissair A330-200


The a332 is a wide body airliner produced by airbus since 1992 as part of the a330 family. As of November 2017 1,378 aircraft have been produced with its main operators being Turkish Airlines, Air China and China Eastern.


Swissair was the national airline for Switzerland for over 70 years from 1931 to 2002. It’s downfall was a result of their over expansion and the 9/11 attacks worsening the situation for the already struggling airline. The Airline was kept alive until 2002 when the Swiss government delivered the final blow and cut funding. In my opinion this livery looks brilliant on any aircraft especially the A330 it will be a retro take on the current Swiss Livery

In 1995 Swissair introduced a more modern look with the arrival of the A320 family. The cheatline was dropped, and the aircraft flew in snow white, with grey belly. The red swissair markings were increased in size in order to stregthen the brand. Also, the ‘an SAirLines’ stripes were later added, as were painted winglets at the end.

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This is a great request. But perhaps you could add a little more information regarding this livery. That way people will understand why this deserves to be on IF, and to get them to agree and vote.

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Thanks Chris will do!


That would be great for a A330 rework, I prefer the “new” swiss tho :)

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