Swissair 111 Rememberance Flight 🇨🇭


I recently watched a documentary about Swissair Flight 111, an MD-11 that went down off the coast near Halifax, Canada, after a fire caused by improper electrical wiring overwhelmed the pilots. You can read more about Swissair Flight 111 here:

This documentary inspired me to recreate the flight in IF (without the crash). Here are my favorite shots from my flight.

Detailed Flight Information
Server: Expert
Route: KJFK-LSGG (New York Kennedy to Geneva)
Flight Time: 7 hours 4 minutes
Subsequent details can be found in this flight report from In-Flight Operations:

Photos from my flight, arranged chronologically:

View from the terminal: HB-IWI being loaded at Gate 31, Terminal 4B

Starting Engine 1

Lined up on Runway 31L

View of rotation from JFK Tower

Leaving Canada behind as we enter the Atlantic

Initial descent into Geneva

Gear Down on an 8 mile final into Runway 4

Crossing the runway threshold

Parked at Gate 16 in Geneva, offloading baggage and cargo

This was truly one of my top 10 flights in IF of all time, enhanced greatly by live replay. I hope to review more of these flights in the future. Would you like to see more reviews like these?

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This was the crash that caused Swissair to shut down its operations.

This is not true to some degree. While this crash did contribute a somewhat small amount to Swissair’s closure in 2002, the main cause of Swissair’s demise was 9/11, which had a much, much larger impact on the air travel industry, including Swissair.

nice pictures, good job

9/11 wasn’t the cause but the final nail in the coffin. Airlines that hadn’t suffered financial issues or crashes in the years leading up to 9/11 were perfectly fine after the attacks. However, airlines such as Swissair were killed off when Air Travel declined following 9/11

Awesome shots, @Yacht! Really digged the theme, would love to see some others as well.

Nicely captured and documented 🇨🇭

Not entirely true as well. 9/11 was a factor as after the terror attacks in the US the demand for flights on the entire marked dropped while costs increased. However, the financial troubles of Swissair already started way before 9/11 when in 1997 the plan for an alliance between Swissair, KLM, SAS and Austian Airlines failed.

Swissair then decided to establish a new strategy where they would buy our parts or already existing airlines. They participated in LTU, South African Airways, LOT, TAP and AOM. They were also a big shareholder of Sabena, another airline in big financial troubles.

That strategy along with other factors caused an excessive indebtedness that resulted in an annual loss (year 2001) of almost 3 billion Swiss Francs. And with already more than 15 billion open debts in an already bad economy Swissair wasn’t able to recover anymore.

And when in the very end the acquisition of Swissair through the other Swiss airline Crossair (that later became SWISS) failed, it was the end of this once so proud natinal airline of Switzerland.

That being said, good pictures!


I’m going to do that Flight one time but seriously great job on those pictures I loved them