Swiss0001’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KRNO

I will Control rno twr and ground from now to about 12:45. I’m attempting to get more operations so I can be an actual IFATC. Come on by, and when you leave, give me some tips, so I can be better later.

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Also, this belongs in #atc

Adding to what @TaipeiGuru said, check the topic I’ll link below which tells you how to make a tracking thread.

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Any better?

Okay. Thanks

Disregard, it’s good.

Ding it. Hold on

I’ll stop by. N121TC.

Thanks. RNO is a nice city, but I’m getting bored 😂

Sorry I had to bounce. Don’t forget to clear sooner than you did (N922BW), as I was turning base and hadn’t been cleared, so I needed to go around

Thanks for opening, I’ll leave some feedback below:

  • The transition altitude you gave me was very low, infact, if I followed it, I’d be 2,000ft in the ground.
    • Here’s a good way to calculate a transition altitude:
      - [Ground elevation + 1500 + 1000, then round to the nearest 500ft]
    • Also, be sure to remeber transitition altitudes are given in MSL, not AGL.
  • You asked my intentions after you assigned me a transition altitude
    • This was unnecessary because a transition altitude is a request to pass through a towered airspace without conflciting with other traffic. Therefore, my intention was to pass through the airspace without conflicting with other traffic.
  • The initial pattern entry you gave me wasy very good, however, try to be quicker with your responses
  • You said “I’ll call your base” on my intial touch-and-go
    • This wasn’t necessary because this is only used when you are trying to allow for space for aircraft to depart on the runway. The base turn, as long as it doesn’t conflict with other aircraft, is based on the pilot’s discretion.
  • You consistently cleared me late
    • Try to clear an aircraft when it is on crosswind or downwind rather than base or final.
  • When you cleared me, you never told me to make left/right traffic
  • When I requested a runway change, you simply cleared me for that runway
    • You should’ve given me a pattern entry first (i.e Enter right downwind runway 34L)
    • You also didn’t include left/right traffic, instead you told me to enter left downwind after I did the touch-and-go. This is incorrect.
  • Finally, you never gave me an exit command.

Hopefully this feedback helped and will allow you to better understand how to handle aircraft in your airspace.

I recommend opening your thread every once in a while so you keep getting better, good luck on your journey to IFATC! :)

Best regards,


Sorry about the transition alt. I had forgotten that it was MSL.
And yes. I definitely do need to keep track of clearances. Thanks for all the tips, and thank you all who came on such notice. At 2:00 west coast time, I will be flying from LAX to DFW. If anyone wants to join, you are welcome to.
Again, thanks for the tips!
Swiss 0001


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