Swiss | ZRH-FCO | Airbus A321-200 |

Zürich, Switzerland to Rome, Italy
Today I flew a real route from Zürich, Switzerland, to Rome, Italy. Zurich and Italy are 537 miles (864 km) away from each other. Rome was featured today by IFATC. This flight that takes just over an hour heads south over The Alps, over Milan, and then rides along the western Italian coast into the Rome airspace. The descent into Rome was a little turbulent but was not very severe. I highly recommend this route for anyone that likes doing short haul scenic flights!

Flight Info

Zürich, Switzerland (ZRH) - Rome (FCO)
Departing Gate: A07
Arriving Gate: 612
Swiss 782
Airbus A321-200
1hr 6mins

Boarding at A07 in ZRH enroute to FCO

Swiss 782 starting it’s takeoff on runway 28

The sun rises over the Alps while climbing to FL330

Turning into runway 16L at FCO

Landing with a 35kt wind into 16L

Landing safely into 16L

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking this flight. Please leave feedback as this is my first topic in this category. Thanks!


Looks like you had a nice sunrise flight! Great scenery too!

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Cool shots!

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Nice sunrise you got there

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