Swiss VA Official Thread

Small Information:
Our old thread got closed and this is our new one.
Certainly this thread is IFVARB certified.✔️

Swiss VA got founded by @Isolt_Ilvermorny
Like the real airline Swiss, we are based in Zurich (LSZH/ZRH) and Geneva (LSGG/GVA).

Our Fleet consists the following aircrafts:

A319 (Swiss Livery)
A320 (Generic)
A321 (Swiss Livery)
A333 (Swiss Livery)
B77W (Swiss Livery)
Dash 8Q-400 (Austrian, because they operate them for Swiss in RWA)
EMB-190 (Generic, Helvetic operate them for Swiss in RWA)

So, as you can see we have different, nice planes in our fleet.

We have the same destinations like the real word Swiss.
Here two pictures: credits to Swiss
All destinations.

Our destinations in Europe.

What we offer:
It’s our pleasure to offer our pilots an excellent experience, we will help them in every way.

With SimBrief we made flightplans for every Swiss route, you just have to ask and you will get it.

We also have a folder with charts from every airport Swiss VA flies to.

And a lot more.

Our Future:
Our CEO and Founder @Isolt_Ilvermorny is working hard on the new website and we try to release it in the middle of September, with the new website, a new era will start for our VA. You will see😏!
We try to get to a leading VA for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight.
In the community we can see, that LSZH our Hub is quite popular, so we hope that our members will increase, when Global is out.

Do you want to join?
If you want to join us, then write a message to @SwissVirtual, it should contain your Email address (to add you on Slack), your Name, your Grade (on live), your IFC nickname and why do you want to join.

Credits to @anon73239073. Visit his YouTube-account.

Useful links:

Swiss Website

Wikipedia Swiss:



Web developer: @Chris_Ridgell
COO: @Joel l
Flight Planner: @Joel
Chief Pilot: TZ, @Jurassicpark_1993
Social Media Manager: @Q-ENAN

Thank you for reading this, the entire Swiss VA wishes you a nice flight with the taste of the best chocolate. 😏

Sry for my bad English


Awesome work guys, I send my message right now 😃


You are good with your English, Good luck with your Airline and you seem Swiss so it’s nice to have the CEO of the nationality of the Airline.

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I swear @Isolt_Ilvermorny set Swiss up?..

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The picture doesn’t seem to have uploaded correctly. You may want to change it :)

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Small mistake… I had it false in my mind thank you


SWISS uses IRL Amman airport, Jordan as a Maintainence Airport for the Airbuses, I would like to apply as pilot but flies every 20 or 30 days from Zurich to Amman for Maintenance.

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Ok didn’t know that, to join us contact us! Thank you


If I get added to your company, I’ll make a demand for the social manager post ;-)

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Infos to the next event

Our next event will be 1-3 weeks after Global got released. We will do a flight out from Zurich around the MATTERHORN and then we will fly to our smaller hub Geneva, we will fly with the Dash-8Q.

More Infos will come. 😏😀

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After reading this thead I just realized we had a Swiss A319. I’ve been missing out…


SWISS VA now does have Instagram

👆Come and follow Swiss VA on Instagram👆

SWISS VA has a new CEO

Unfortunately our old CEO @Isolt_Ilvermorny isn’t able to lead Swiss VA anymore. Reasons are private.
But he will although Code our website.

Our new CEO is TZ (who hasn’t IFC), he was our COO.

Now we don’t have a COO, also contact us, if you are interested. People who are actual in Swiss VA, are advantaged.
We are searching a serious COO, not a newcomer on the forum.

Thank you and Goodbye

PS. It could be that he will come back

I have sent my application

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Nice job! 1. Will I need a live subscription? 2. What if I do not want slack? Is having slack a requirement?

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Good question,

You mustn’t have a live subscription, when you don’t have one, you just can’t take part our events.

At the moment we’re using Slack, but when we have our new website, we will communicate on it.

Thank you

Swiss VA

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Sounds good! @SwissVirtual

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New Slack

To all Swiss pilots!
We made a new Slack team, because in the old one were people who never have been online and the actual CEO wasn’t Admin in the chat. So he decided to make a new one, with lots more bots.

If you are a (inactive pilot who will be more active) and want to join the Slack, contact us!

New website

For a while we will have a new website.
The website isn’t fully finished yet, the focus is on Global.
If you want to join us, please register and write us on IFC. @SwissVirtual
Thank you to @Chris_Ridgell

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Our website is now fully finished.
Visit us:

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