Swiss to auckland

I flew the Swiss triple seven from its Homebase Zurich to Auckland on the other side of the world. The flight took around 20 and a half hours long and the cruise speed was mach 0.84. We had some nice scenery when we flew to New Zealand, for example above the Swiss alps, Georgia, Afghanistan, Australia and when we approached Auckland. The flight took place on the expert server.

Information about this flight;

    • Server: expert server 
    • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300(ER) 
    • Livery: Swiss international airlines 
    • Route: LSZH-NZAA
    • Callsign: Swiss 777 heavy
    • Altitude: fl290 - fl310 - fl330 - fl350 - fl370 - fl390
    • Speed: mach 0.84
    • Flight time: 20 hours and 33 minutes 

Boarding the aircraft.

Departure out of Zurich with a md11 that was heading to Kai Tak.


More mountains.

Even more mounts above Afghanistan.

The moon. Still awesome to think about the Apollo missions to the moon!

Above Singapore.


Approaching Auckland.


Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from northern Greenland to nellis AFB in de c130!



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Definately shots that are a cut above most like this! A great departure image and the wing view over the harbour mouth on approach is very realistic.

You spoiled it for me when you wrote “Buttering” however 😟😉 .

Some amazing scenes along the way, I like your angles and framings …

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Nice shots! It’s crazy how much super long hauls you do, it’s amazing! What device do you use?

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Thank you, appreciate it!

Thank you! I use the iPad Pro 2021 12.9inch.

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Ok nice! That iPad is strong! 💪

Picture 6 wow !! Omg it’s beautiful