Swiss temporary last RJ100 schedule

Swiss has temporarily set the last dates for their RJ100’s obvously being replaced by mostly CSeries aircraft.

What do you think? Too early for Swiss to end or too late?

I myself love the RJ100’s so I’d never like them to quit service with Swiss, but the show must go on. ;(


Too late… don’t know why but I’ve never appreciated the RJ…

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This will be yet another sad day.

Lufthansa 737 series
Air France 747
Virgin Atlantic A340-300
British Airways 737-400

And now this.


Put your message as a wiki 😊

Haha might do.

EDIT: There is now a new wiki thread for this.

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Shall I do it here or as a separate thread?

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If it’s not a duplicate why not ;-)

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To be honest I was never fan of the Avro RJ100 (Jumbolino). I personally love the new CSeries! :)
Picture by me :)


I have mixed feelings about the RJ100. On the one hand, it’s a very unique aircraft, but on the other hand, I am very excited to see Swiss operate the new Bombardier CS100.

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Too late
Hope to see CS100 in Geneva

I’m sure you will!

Sad new but life is going on. Goodbye to a gentle Lady.🌻


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Such a pity, a lovely aircraft!

Operating at LSGG

4 ridicoulous engines (like the 340-300)

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Mixed blessing I think. On one hand, it’s sad. On the other hand, fire companies like neptune aviation are picking up he retired ones nad putting them to use

I have always loved the RJ/BAe series, it’s such a shame to see them go.

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From what I have heard one’is being converted then shipped here to Aus. But on topic I really love this design and don’t want it to disappear into the shadows.

dont forget the 767 for BA

Further information for those interested;