Swiss (SWR1622) Airbus A319 Zurich-Milan

The Alps was the last region for me to test, so I decided to do a flight from Zurich to Milan in the Swiss A319 (I know this route is covered with the A220, but it isn’t on the app yet).
The flight plan made me do some tight curves that had to be flown by hand before engaging LNAV.
This was also the first time I didn’t descend by following my TOD calculation. I descend using VNAV, and I will use it for my descent on many more flights.
The approach was uneventful, but I got too high on the ILS in the last segment. The landing was a greaser though.

At the gate in Zurich.

Rotating out of runway 28.

Cruising at FL190.

Milan/Malpensa (LIMC) in sight.

Greasing the landing.

At a random gate in Milan.


Nice! I’ve done this route before (with IF pro) but on the A321. Unfortunately, it was really dark so I couldn’t see the beatifuol scenery on the way… :(

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nice pics! what was the flight time on this?

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About an hour from start to finish.

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Awesome pics! Btw, can’t wait for the A220!!

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