SWISS Sunset Approach

Nice flight from JFK - ZHR, in the SWISS 777-300ER on the expert server.

Tailwinds of up to 130kts over the north atlantic made for a speedy flight of time 6hrs 18mins.

Beautiful sunset approach onto runway 34 at busy Zürich with aircraft patiently holding short.


Welcome back to the IFC! Those are some beautiful photos! I love Swiss so I guess I’m kinda biased to it but it looks good either way!


34 departures…

Great shot of the beautiful triple seven though, Zurich is always a stunner, especially at sunset!
Thanks for sharing!


my favorite airline SWISS

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Cool shots! Reminds me of when I go plane spotting there.

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Very nice shots and nice route.

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Don’t get mad about that, I’ve seen other things… 😜
Nice pictures!


You should have flown with the A330-300 as it is used IRL. The B77W isn’t used for that route.

True, just a little pet peeve of mine!

Especially if that’s so far from reality as it is with the KLM jet. Some long-hauls do occasionally use RWY 34 for departures, so that would have been more acceptable😉

only Evening times because of the German Noise Restrictions… but I’ve seen RWY 32 landings here on IF, a little part of me died slowly back then

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Thought so, wasn’t sure of the early morning hours, thanks!


Sorry, I now know for next time!
Thanks for pointing this out. :)

Good choice, mine too!

Early Morning Hours are only Landings though, I was talking of Deps… Morning Deps are usually on 32 as there are, I believe, no departing Long Hauls in the Morning, allthougt they could Takeoff from 32 too

Yes, this is very true. I just love flying the B77W :)

You made nothing wrong, all fine!

That’s what I understood, sorry if I was a bit unclear. I also believe there are no long-haul departures in the eagling morning hours in Zurich. Danke!

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In that case, you should fly from places like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong as Swiss B77W is used on those flights.

thats true. are you from Zurich?

No, from Hannover, Germany but had flight connected in Zurich from time to time and been there on holiday once (let’s continue in a PM if you want as this would go a bit too much off-topic otherwise).

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I love how no one noticed a mod in a GA aircraft in the Liveflight Pic