Swiss Skies project aims to bring low cost long haul concept to Basel, Switzerland

Swiss Skies, a proposed low cost long haul airline to be based at EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg , is seeking USD100 million in financing for launch by mid 2019. The company would operate a fleet of A321neo or A321LR aircraft with around 190 seats.

The airline expects to have a cost base 30% lower than established network carriers and to be profitable in its third year — with margins comfortably in excess of industry averages.

As well as the US, the airline plans to add destinations in the Caribbean, Asia, Middle East and Brazil from a handful of European departure points.

Swiss Skies will cut costs further by using just one type of aircraft, the new long-range Airbus A321neo with about 190 seats passengers and a range of 7,500km. The business plan envisages 16 aircraft by the second year of operation, and 38 by the fourth.


My Thoughts:

  • I think this is great for Basel (LFSB) because there is almost no international flights to America. The only one is to Canada.

  • I hope it works out as it has not been the best for aviation recently with quite a few airlines going bankrupt.

  • It will have to be cheap because SWISS operates out of Zürich and it only takes 50min to get from Basel to Zürich airport and if it is not cheaper than SWISS people will just go to Zürich.

  • I am excited as I live close to Basel and Work in Basel. I might be able to fly on this airline if it gets the funding they need. And who knows maybe I might start my dream job there.


Kinda out there, but how is Air Belgium doing? I feel like they might be an indicator for the success of this airline.

I don’t really know. One reason I saw this was because I live close to Basel.

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I live in Basel and I would be thrilled if that concept works out. Unfortunately, I’m having many doubts about that.

Let’s take a look how Swiss airlines developed:
Swissair, Crossair (later independent Swiss), Balair, Belair, Hello, Skywork, … They all „went down“. There is basically no fully Swiss airline left as SWISS is owned by Lufthansa. It’s very difficult to survive for an airline in that environment.

Let’s take a look at the market as well: It’s going to be difficult for that new airline to compete with airlines like Norwegian, Level or Eurowings; who all offer pretty cheap flies to overseas.

As I said, I have doubts that Swiss Skies will ever take off. And if they do, I say that they won’t exist two years before it’s over, as sad as it is.

But maybe they’ll proof me wrong. At least they put our good old EuroAirport a little bit in a spotlight.

If there are enough people that are price sensitive to the extent of flying low cost long hauls, they can succeed.

Personally I don’t see why not, mostly psychological barriers to cross.

I think if they get the funding they need or if they get more than expected then they might have a chance. If they don’t get the 100 million $ then I don’t see it ever happening.

Yeah and if they get of the ground, we will have something differnt than Easyjet.

It would be cool but there’s been attempts in the past of a new airline in Switzerland, only last year “Powdair” were launching Ski flights but their funding was lost so the whole thing fell apart. Only time will tell

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I didn’t even know this thank you for sharing this!

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If you check on the Manchester airport website there’s a little paragraph on the new route (or meant to be route) and a link to the website, not sure if it’s still up or not

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