Swiss MD11

Hey there ! For the MD11/DC10/KC10 update we definitely need the Swiss airlines MD11. The livery is stunning, and the aircraft with this livery has a lot of history too !

Hi, We appreciate your post today but unfortunately it is a Duplicate. Please utilise the search function next time, warm regards, 305…

Edit: What Mr Seb Said.

I know, but this is a dated topic. I created a new one for it to have more visibility

this is amazing! Hold on one sec while I go find a vote for this

You can’t just create duplicates just as you see fit. If you find a really old topic you want to post a new version of, please contact any of us moderators first.


Oh I wasn’t aware of it, i’m sorry. can you deleted the other one that dates from December 2016 ?

I have already closed it.


Please make sure you add proper photo credit and all of that good stuff too :)

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About that, this still another one…

I’ve closed it now. Move along :)

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It’s a different livery though?

I totally agree we need more Swiss liveries. And this is a nice plane to have it on.

Ugh. I trust you guys to keep an eye on that. Lol.

Well, it’s still old so if someone feels like to, create a new one.


You’re right I checked again. The tail is different. Sorry I didn’t notice that…

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Congratulations, the Swiss MD-11 has been added!!!

Congrats, the Developers have heard your voices and have added the swiss livery to the MD-11 and will be available in the upcoming MD-11,DC-10,KC-10 Update, congratulations to all voters!


Stealing my thunder…

-JackBot is angry

Congrats on this great feature request getting added though!